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we offer several classes
We are excited to introduce our new Learning Center.
Below are just a few of the courses we will be offering with more coming.
Course Syllabus:   Improve communication with your infant or toddler.  Learn communication techniques for a special needs child.  Sign Language when used before spoken language has been proven to increase IQ scores.
Bridging the Gap is the oldest and most comprehensive training available for Medical Interpreters.  When the course is completed, and you successfully pass the tests, you will receive a certificate of completion from the Cross Cultural Health Care Program in partnership with Global Interpreting Services, LLC.
Course Syllabus:  Learn the difference between simultaneous and consecutive interpreting.  This workshop will review “lag time,” how to practice each discipline, and how to move between the disciplines smoothly during one exchange.  When is the proper time to use each discipline.
Course Syllabus:   Learn basic communication in American Sign Language.  We will review numbers, the alphabet, and conversational signs.
Course Syllabus:  This workshop discusses ways to help you practice your interpreting skills.  Learn techniques to work alone or with another interpreter.  Feedback techniques will also be discussed.  
Course Syllabus:  Discussion and utilization of the Interpreter Code of Ethics and Professional Conducts to discuss ethical challenges and dilemmas.  How to apply these Codes of Conduct to different genres and situations.    
Course Syllabus:   This is the course that will prepare students for the State of Michigan Court Interpreter exam.  It will cover the material that will be on the test itself.  
42627 Garfield Rd #214
Charter Twp of Clinton, MI 48038
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