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Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI) Facts
What is Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI)?
OPI uses PCs, laptop, tablet, and smartphone technology to allow an off-site interpreter to translate conversations from English to your chosen language or vice versa as if they were on site. OPI is utilized by hospitals, corporations, federal agencies, law enforcement, and more to provide on demand interpreting services especially when no on-site interpreting is available.
When and where is it available?
OPI is available nationwide on-demand at any time (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year).
Is my information secure and private?
The network Global uses is fully HIPPA compliant and secured.  Whether you use our app or login through                      
the website, security measures are the same and you can be assured your information and communication are private.
How does the audio work?
With the Global system, a few simple steps will connect you with the OPI interpreter providing exceptionally clear audio.  You can use an app on your phone or iPad, dial a phone number from a landline or login to a website on a PC and use the microphones on your computer. Our system is very versatile.  No need for dual handsets and moving equipment around.  A speaker phone or the computer in the room is all you need.
I am concerned about being HIPPA compliant, don’t I need a dual handset?
No.  While we understand it may seem easier to use a dual handset at the time of the interchange. However, you must bring the device into the room, plug it in, ensure the chords reach everyone.  You are limited to one foreign language speaker and one English speaker at a time.  You must store and lease or purchase the equipment.  Keep the volume of the speaker phone at a normal level, this will still allow everyone to hear the Interpreter, but not broadcast the Interpreter to other rooms and keep it within the same standards as if everyone were talking during an interaction without an Interpreter.  Using a speaker phone, iPad or computer will also allow more than one person to hear what is being said, saving time and therefore saving money. Family members who do not speak English or other staff members who need to speak during an interaction will be able to take part in your session with ease.
How much does OPI cost?
The rate for OPI is very economical and void of any premium charges for traditional non business hours of operation or weekends. There is no need to pre- schedule and no cancellation fees.
How do I pay for OPI?
Once a company becomes one of our trusted clients, Global will provide an invoice for services rendered.  Payment terms are 30 days from the date the invoice is created.
How do I get OPI?
Please contact Global Interpreting Services via email at ( interpreter@myterps.com ) for further information, and we will be happy to coordinate a date and time for a full discussion on the merits of OPI, and how it can be a valuable tool for your company and clients.
42627 Garfield Rd #214
Charter Twp of Clinton, MI 48038
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